Building apps. With purpose.


With so many robust open source technologies available for web development, it pays to know which best suits your needs. This is where Crystalnix is strongest, as we have wide experience and skill between Django, Tornado, HTML5, jQuery technologies, as well as many of the new technologies that frequently surface.


We drive to maintain a consistent user experience across iOS and Android operating systems. This means designing and developing simple to use user interfaces, which work consistently at different sizes and scales (ie phones vs tablets vs screen). UX that we develop has a user's productivity as a chief priority on both iOS and Android platforms.


We pay very close attention to detail when integrating applications between each platform. This helps ensure your application will look and behave the same, whether on Windows 8, OSX, KDE or even GNOME. Our team uses Qt, as it is the most effective tool for high performance, professional cross-platform applications.